Hi, my name is Talie.

I didn’t start out as a wedding photographer, and I believe that’s what makes my approach slightly different - I try to steer away from the overprescribed wedding photography that’s out there. I don’t think there should be a formula, because each couple creates a completely different atmosphere - a combination of their relationship, the people they surround themselves with, and the details they choose for their event. Being invited to join a couple’s family and friends on their wedding day is not something to be taken lightly, and so I only shoot a few weddings a year to keep it fresh. There hasn’t been a wedding I haven’t loved photographing.

In terms of style, I combine the aesthetic sense I developed through years of shooting fashion (light, angles and editing) with my inclination towards honest and intimate portraiture. It’s so important to photograph from within rather than from an outsider’s point of view. For that reason, I always spend some time with the couple to get a sense of their personality and build a rapport before the wedding. I try my best to create imagery that reflects the feeling of the day while looking like it belongs in a beautiful editorial. I like to work on all images myself, so it’s just me - I see the client through the whole process and make sure they’re 100% happy.

So much energy goes into creating the wedding day - the crystallisation should be in the photos.

PS: I have a separate website and Instagram for the rest of my work.